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Learn to code with this collection of community-contributed, self-guided coding tutorials + ideas.

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Workshop bounties

Fabulous community-created workshops from the Workshop Bounty program.

Amazing Scrapbook CSS

Customize your Scrapbook through simple CSS

JavaScript Clock

Build a clock using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
JavaScript Clock demo


Build a simple stopwatch with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
Stopwatch demo

Tunes on JS

Make a piano for your web browser with Tone.js
Tunes on JS demo

Robotic Emails

Build a mass-emailer with easy templating in Python
Robotic Emails demo

Python Turtle

Draw shapes & patterns using Python’s Turtle library
Python Turtle demo

Animated 3D Models

Make animated 3D models using a simple JavaScript library
Animated 3D Models demo

Web Login

Build a secure web login page using Firebase & JavaScript
Web Login demo

Konami Code

Add a fun Easter Egg to your website with JavaScript
Konami Code demo

Tic Tac Toe

Make the Classic Tic Tac Toe Game in Python
Tic Tac Toe demo


Build a fully responsive navbar for your websites.
Rebar demo

Parallax Effect

Creating greater user experience on web using JavaScript
Parallax Effect demo


Make Christmas greetings with Turtle graphics in Python
PyChristmas demo

Stock Visualizer in Python

Make a stock visualizer in Python and learn how to use web requests
Stock Visualizer in Python demo

Python Data Viz

Use python to create basic graphs and visualizations with real data
Python Data Viz demo

Rock Paper Scissors

Make a simple rock paper scissors game using Python
Rock Paper Scissors demo

Serverless Contact Form

Make a website “contact me” form using Netlify serverless functions
Serverless Contact Form demo

Meme Songs with Arduino

Building an online Arduino application that plays the Coffin Dance
Meme Songs with Arduino demo

Weather App

Making a Weather App using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Weather App demo


Craft your own CLI App using Node.js
CLI App demo

Build a Chrome extension!

Hack your way to productivity by building your own bookmarking Chrome extension
Build a Chrome extension! demo

Mini Calendar

Build a simple mini calendar with ReactJS.
Mini Calendar demo

Web Chat

Make a personal chat server for you and your friends with WebSockets and Deno
Web Chat demo

Quotes Generator

Build a random quotes generator with ReactJS
Quotes Generator demo

Memory Game

Create your own memory game using JavaScript
Memory Game demo

Spin The Wheel

Build a random picker spinning wheel using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Spin The Wheel demo

Fetch a Hack Clubber

Learn data-fetching with Next.js and meet someone new!
Fetch a Hack Clubber demo

Custom Link Shortener

Build your own custom link shortener to save time remembering links.
Custom Link Shortener demo

Simple Calculator

Build a simple calculator with ReactJS
Simple Calculator demo

Hack Club CDN Uploader

Make a Library and CLI to upload to the Hack Club CDN
Hack Club CDN Uploader demo

Slack Todo List

Make a todo list Slack bot with Node.js and Bolt
Slack Todo List demo

Weather Grapher

Graph the average temperature in any major city by using a Web API
Weather Grapher demo

KanyeRest Quote Generator

Make a quote generator with Flask
KanyeRest Quote Generator demo

Discord poll bot in Rust

Make a Discord polling bot in Rust using the Serenity library
Discord poll bot in Rust demo

Automating your Slack Profile Picture

Make a program that changes your Slack profile picture based on the time of day.
Automating your Slack Profile Picture demo

Discord Custom Message Bot

Save your own own custom messages with a Discord Bot!
Discord Custom Message Bot demo

Password Generator

Build a password genertor tool with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Password Generator demo

Start here

Set out on your journey by building your own website, then move on to multiplayer games and collaborative web apps.

Personal Website

Make your first website from scratch

Splatter Paint

Crazy colorful splatter paint in your browser with Paper.js

Colorful Grammar

Let your words color the screen

Speak Colors

Color your screen with your voice via speech recognition.

Sound Galaxy

Visualize sound by making particles move in a galaxy

Teachable Machine

Easily get started with machine learning—no coding required

Web development

Learn how to make things happen on the web, from basic JavaScript to web APIs

Find Bigfoot

Simple game to find Bigfoot using HTML, CSS and JS


Let’s make a synth pad with Tone.js


Personal dashboard with news and weather

Geometric Pattern

Generate geometric patterns using p5.js

Sketch Together

Real-time collaborative drawing pad using p5.js

Tree Machine

Generate virtual trees with p5

Julia Fractals

Draw some fractals with math.js and HTML Canvas


Build a WhatsApp bot with Twilio APIs, in 30 minutes 🕐

Hack IDE

Make an IDE with HTML, Javascript and CSS!


Learn to use one of the most powerful and beginner-friendly languages.

Twitter Automation

Automate Everything from twitter login to posting a tweet!

Vigenere Cipher

Make a cryptographic cipher with python

Password cracker with python!

Learn how to create a password cracker with Python!


Learn to build games, both locally and on the web!


Bullet-dodging game using p5.js


Simple side-scrolling platformer game

PICO-8 Maze

A "scary maze" game built on the PICO-8


Learn to use one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there.

Starting with Next.js

Intro to React & Next.js with a shopping list website

Dashboard with Next.js

News/weather personal dashboard built with React & Next.js

Dice Game

Learn react-native by making a cool Dice game.

Adventures of Hack Island!

Help Orpheus and the people of Hack Island! Learn about cybersecurity while completing an adventure in this experimental new workshop series.

Help Orpheus!

Supercop Orpheus needs help to save Hack Island! and you are the one who can help them.

Machine Learning

Learn how to make machines learn with these fun projects!

Teachable Machine

Easily get started with machine learning—no coding required

Feature Extractor

Build your first ML app, with just a little JavaScript

Hot Dog or Not Hot Dog?

Build a basic hot dog classifier using the Clarifai API for Python


Bring projects from cyberspace to the real world with this small hardware platform.


Blink an LED with Arduino

Temperature Monitor

Build a temperature monitor with Arduino

IOT with Arduino

Control your arduino from a website with the help of Node js.

Functional Programming with JavaScript

Learn the functional programming paradigm in JavaScript with this experimental new series.

Functional Programming with JS (Part 1)

Learn the basics of functional programming with JS!

Functional Programming with JS (Part 2)

Understand Currying in Functional Programming with Ramda!

Functional Programming with JS (Part 3)

Learn how to deal with arrays in Functional Programming with Ramda!


Workshops not properly categorized yet.

Personal Website 2

The personal website workshop, slide-deck style

Hello Bot

A Discord bot with a simple "Hello World!" command.

Publish Your First npm Package

Learn how to create an npm package and then publish it!

Line Following Robot

Make your very own Line Following Robot

Pyramid Bot

Build a Discord bot that makes pyramids!

Web Scraper

Build a simple web scraping application with Typescript, Axios, and Cheerio

API Canvas

Make a web API that wreaks havoc on your website