Temperature Monitor

Build a temperature monitor with Arduino



This is very simple project which hooks the DHT22 Temperature and Humidity sensor to the Arduino Uno & lets you measure your room Temperature & Humidity

Here, we are using the DHT22 Temperature and Humidity sensor with Arduino Uno R3 and getting it's data from the Arduino Serial Monitor. The Humidity Range of the DHT22 is 0-100% and Temperature range is -40 - 125°C (the reason why I like DHT22 over DHT11).

Hardware Required:

  • 1x Arduino/Genuino Uno
  • 1x DHT22 Sensor
  • 1x Bread Board
  • 3x Jumper Wires

DHT22 Pin Configuration


  1. Pin 1 is VCC, connect it to 5V.
  2. Pin 2 is for data, connect it to digital Pin 7.
  3. And finally connect Pin 4 to GND

The Arduino Sketch

Click here to download the sketch in .ino format

/* How to use the DHT-22 sensor with Arduino uno
   Temperature and humidity sensor

#include <DHT.h>;

#define DHTPIN 7     // the pin its connected to
#define DHTTYPE DHT22   // DHT 22  (AM2302)
DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); //// Initialize DHT sensor for normal 16mhz Arduino

int chk;
float hum;  //Stores humidity value
float temp; //Stores temperature value

void setup()

void loop()
    //Read data and store it to variables hum and temp
    hum = dht.readHumidity();
    temp= dht.readTemperature();
    //Print temp and humidity values to serial monitor
    Serial.print("Humidity: ");
    Serial.print(" %, Temp: ");
    Serial.println(" Celsius");
    delay(10000); //Delay 2 sec.

Now upload the code to the Arduino

Open the Serial Monitor to see the output

Here's how my output screen looks like :)

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